Categoría 2. Guitarra Acústica

(Febrero 2023/ November – 2023)

Abierta la inscripción / Registration Open


Último día para enviar tu obra u obras: 20 de Febrero 2023!!!!  (Nueva fecha)

Las obras aparecerán en esta página cuando de comienzo el concurso.


Last day to submit your work or works: February the 20th 2023 !! (New date)

Works will be shown on this page when the competition begins.


  A big thanks to Antonio for always organising this great competition - besides it being a lot of fun and encouraging, it’s so wonderful to hear the amazing music from all over the world that I otherwise would’ve never discovered. I’m looking forward to participate again next time!

Karlijn Langendijk Castricum (The Netherlands)

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